Farewell Crush

Last week I emailed Ashley to let her know that as of today, I would no longer be updating Boston Band Crush. She has posted a message as well, the official closing announcement, but I wanted to say goodbye myself. My time here has been incredibly fulfilling and I’m grateful that I was entrusted with the site, but the time has come for me to move on to other things. While I’m leaving this site, I’m not disappearing from the Boston music community by any stretch of the imagination, I’ll show up writing in other places, I’m still helping Anngelle put the Rock & Roll Rumble together, and I’ve got some exciting projects that I’ve been trying to get off the ground for a while now that need more focus if I’m to continue, and I’ll certainly let you know once those are ready.

When Band Crush was first started by Ashley, Michael, and Sophia, it was a site that I checked regularly, and writing for it was something that I hoped to do. When Michael and Sophia left and I was asked to help out, I figured I’d do a post now and then and that’d be it. Instead I jumped in and started tackling multiple posts per day, eventually taking the reins when Ashley left last year. In that time, I think that I made it my own to the greatest extent possible, but now my stewardship has run its course. I put off this decision for a little longer than I should have; knowing that Band Crush is a valuable resource for many of you, I didn’t want to let you down, so if I have, I apologize. There are more resources than ever for a lot of the information we presented, and I’m happy to help point you in the right direction if you want to get in touch.

I’d like to thank Band Crush founders Ashley Willard, Michael J. Epstein, and Sophia Cacciola for trusting me with the site, as well as every contributor that I worked with, especially Nate Rogers, Brendan Boogie, Justin Emile Shapiro, Amy Prohaska, C. D. DiGuardia, Andrew Wilson, Benny Grotto, David Mirabella, Henry Beguiristain, Kerri Ann Richard, MacKenzie Outlund, Nicholas Murphy, and Anthony Geehan. To all the bands and musicians who have given me their music, bought me a beer, reposted any of my crushes, or told me that the things I wrote meant something to them, I can’t thank you enough. I love this city and I love the music you make, and the fact that any of you pay attention to me at all is incredibly moving. Finally, I am sincerely grateful to anyone who read and enjoyed Band Crush; it was always my mission to share the things that I found enjoyable, and the idea that some of you trusted my opinion enough to give new bands and shows a chance warms my heart greatly. Thank you all.

I need some new t-shirts.

-Richard Bouchard

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