Show Crush: The New Highway Hymnal / Infinity Girl / Speedy Ortiz / Soccer Mom at TT’s Wednesday

Well, this is a bit of Wednesday night fun that came out of nowhere. Seriously, how is a show this packed full of Boston talent relegated to a school night? We’re just gonna have to go to work on Thursday bleary eyed and reeking of booze, so everyone start thinking of excuses now and we’ll discuss them at TT’s later on. Or invite your boss so that he’s just as gross as you are in the morning and can’t really give you any grief about it.

They’ll be showcasing some of the best distorted, fuzz-mongering bands the city has to offer; capping the night off will be Vanya Records terrors the New Highway Hymnal and their scary-as-fuck live show. This band is a stalking panther just toying with you before going in for the kill, all black and sleek and claws. Celebrating the release of their latest 5 song EP, Just Like Lovers, Infinity Girl will take the next step towards their domination of the city. This is what, their 10th or 11th show? They play like they’ve been doing it far longer than that, with nuances and risk-taking that more seasoned bands would blanch at. We’ve said it before, but we’ve really got to give credit to Clicky Clicky Music Blog for turning us on to these guys. Jay was way ahead of the curve with this one, and it highlights the importance of checking in with all the Boston blogs to find new stuff. Speedy Ortiz aren’t from Boston, they make the trek in from Western Mass, but we include that community under our Boston rock umbrella. There’s a lot going on out there, cities like Northampton are producing some amazing bands lately. Masterminded by lo-fi geniusgaze pioneer Sadie Dupuis, it’s a mashup of punk, britpop, industrial, and indie that demands repeated listening. Soccer Mom will get things started. Are they the most veteran band on the bill? They might be. They’ve been working with reverb and sustain for a while, adding lofty vocals to the shoegaze layers and putting in some of the most consistently great performances in the area.

Facebook event page
8:30pm / 18+ / $8
poster art by Sarah Friedman

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