Local Music Sampler

Oh hai. Little late with this one, and I apologize for that. Been a little busy these past couple of weeks! This is exciting though – here we are in our brand new digs, presenting our 12th sampler! Happy one-year anniversary, sampler. Someone, anyone, make us this cake.

BBC Sampler 12

September 2011











1. Big Digits – “Fired Up”
From their just-released full-length Know Tomorrow
Big Digits on Tumblr


2. Bodega Girls – “Ain’t That Cold” (Stereo Telescope remix)
From Spank Bank, a four-song Stereo Telescope/Bodega Girls remix split
Spank Bank on Soundcloud
Bodega Girls’ website | Stereo Telescope’s website


3. Bunny’s A Swine – “Clint”
From their upcoming full-length All Day, Alright due in October on Bunny’s A Swine guitarist Candace Clement’s new label Tiny Radars
Bunny’s A Swine’s website


4. Future Carnivores – “(And You Call Yourself A) Carnivore”
One of two songs from members of ME&JOANCOLLINS and Guillermo Sexo
Future Carnivores on Bandcamp


5. Gymnasium – “Submarine”
Featuring members of Andrea Gillis Band, BrownBoot, Ross Phasor, Rock Bottom
Gymnasium on Bandcamp


6. Ho-Ag – “Seal the Room”
One of two new songs released this week
Ho-Ag on Bandcamp


7. The In Out – “Death By Molasses”
From their new album The Venal Column
The In Out on Soundcloud


8. Nate Leavitt – “My End”
From Inference, the new solo debut from the longtime Blizzard of ’78 guitarist
Nate Leavitt on Bandcamp


9. The Needy Visions – “How Are You?”
From their recent Nerdy Virgins EP
The Needy Visions on Bandcamp


10. Nervous – “Peppermints and Scotch”
New song from their upcoming release
Nervous on Soundcloud


11. Paper Snakes – “Lost For the Summer”
First single from new band featuring Davina Yannetty, members of Dirt Mall and Giant Battle Wombat
Paper Snakes on Bandcamp


12. Roy Sludge – “Too Drunk to Truck”
From the new full-length of the same name
Roy Sludge on Bandcamp


13. Ryan Lee Crosby – “Summer’s Come”
Recently released single
Ryan Lee Crosby on Bandcamp


14. The Vinyl Skyway – “Golden Lights”
From their new album Return of the Dead Surfer due out this fall
The Vinyl Skyway on Bandcamp


15. The Weisstronauts – “Hoopin’
One of two new songs recently released / new albums due out this fall
The Weisstronauts on Bandcamp


16. The 7Cs – “Deal With the Devil”
From the album Stick Your Neck Out
The 7Cs on Bandcamp


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BBC Sampler 11

August 2011











1. Await Rescue – “Built to Roam”
One of two new songs available for free download
Await Rescue on Soundcloud


2. Blackboard Nails – “Becoming/Unbecoming”
From their 2010 album Number 1
Stream their brand new single “Slow Down” on their Soundcloud
Blackboard Nails on ReverbNation


3. Cask Mouse – “Astronaut”
From their debut EP, releasing today
Cask Mouse on Bandcamp


4. Daniel Harris – “Nishikot”
(“Nishikot” is Hebrew for “kisses”)
New recording of an old song – now with full band, more kisses!
Daniel Harris on Bandcamp


5. Darling Pet Munkee – “Darling Pet Monkey”
New collaboration between Mike and Sophia of Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling and Cathy of Axemunkee
Darling Pet Munkee on Bandcamp


6. The Doll Eyes – “Anymore”
From Too Many Feelings
The Doll Eyes’ website


7. Full Body Anchor – “Offering”
From the Restless EP
Full Body Anchor on Bandcamp


8. Halston – “Lucky”
Brand new previously unreleased song
Halston on Bandcamp


9. The Inebriations – “Jenny Dee”
Dave Yuknat’s ode to Boston music, inspired by the Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble
The Inebriations on Bandcamp


10. Larry Banilow – “A-E-I-LUV-U”
From their upcoming greatest hits collection
Larry Banilow on Bandcamp


11. Mean Creek – “The Land of Hopes and Dreams”
Latest single from the “Best Boston Act” as deemed by the Phoenix
Mean Creek on Bandcamp


12. The Pomps – “Icepack!”
New project featuring members of New Collisions, Have Nots, The Macrotones and The Sterns
The Pomps on Bandcamp


13. Pray for Polanski – “Darling”
From their recent self-titled full-length
Pray for Polanski on Bandcamp


14. Ready, Steady, Torpedo! – “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”
From their new record due out August 16
Ready, Steady, Torpedo! on Bandcamp


15. Red Bellows – “Three.Six.Five”
From their debut EP released earlier this year
Red Bellows on Bandcamp


16. The Tin Thistles – “Blacktop”
From their recent EP We Were Promised Better
The Tin Thistles on Bandcamp


17. War Presidents – “Fordham”
From their recent four-song EP
War Presidents on Facebook


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BBC Sampler 10

July 2011











1. The Big Big Bucks – “Kick Rocks”
From the Endless Bummer EP
Playing July 24 at Middlesex
The Big Big Bucks’ website


2. Bobb Trimble – “Live Wire”
From 1984’s The Crippled Dog Band, being reissued this month on Yoga Records
Playing 7/28 at Great Scott
Bobb Trimble’s website


3. Camden – “Let’s Go for a Drive”
From the upcoming EP Totally Fine out July 12 on Cash to Mouth Records
Camden’s website


4. Cocked N’ Loaded – “Turn It Up”
From 2010’s Take A Shot, now available on Bandcamp
Cocked N’ Loaded on Bandcamp


5. Cooling Towers – “Joan of Arc”
From their upcoming EP due out in the fall
Playing 7/16 at PA’s Lounge
Cooling Towers on Facebook


6. Dream Hits – “Meat”
One of three single releases available on Bandcamp
Playing 7/21 at the Middle East Upstairs
Dream Hits on Bandcamp


7. Gem Club – “Breakers”
From their upcoming full-length debut Breakers, due out Sept. 27 on Hardly Art
Gem Club’s website


8. Grygiel – “5:30 AM”
From the recent self-titled EP
Jen Grygiel also fronts Yes, Sir and was formerly in ME&JOANCOLLINS
Grygiel on Bandcamp


9. Guillermo Sexo – “Secret Wild”
From their upcoming album Secret Wild
Playing 7/16 at Precinct
Guillermo Sexo on Bandcamp


10. J/Q – “She’s An Elf”
From their upcoming self-titled release
J/Q’s website


11. Marc Pinansky – “Providence Love Story”
From his April EP
Marc Pinansky on Bandcamp


12. Muscle Milk – “White Van (Earl’s Song)”
Duo featuring Carl from Halston
EP due out this summer
Muscle Milk on Bandcamp


13. New Collisions – “Richard Cross”
From the upcoming “Fire in the Neighborhood” / “Richard Cross” double A-side 7″ available in July
Playing 8/5 at TT’s
New Collisions on Muxtape


14. The New Sea – “Cemetery Bends”
One of two singles available on Bandcamp
The New Sea on Bandcamp


15. The Okay Win – “Spin (Everyone’s Got Gold)”
From their new album Common Nature
Playing 7/12 at Great Scott
The Okay Win on Bandcamp


16. Onslo – “Slave Ship”
From their recent Quartumdimensio ?dificium
Playing 7/17 at TT’s
Onslo on Bandcamp


17. Satellites Fall – “Perfect Weather”
From their upcoming full-length Faith Without You
Satellites Fall’s website


18. Slowdim – “Tallest Trees”
From the Spirals EP
New project from Paul Sentz, formerly of This Car Up
Slowdim on Bandcamp


19. Thousands – “Braille Teeth”
From their recent self-titled EP
Thousands on Bandcamp


20. TonyBear – “Hey Giuseppe”
From their new self-titled full-length
TonyBear on Bandcamp


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BBC Sampler 09

June 2011











1. American Water – “Old Best Friend”
From the recently released This Is Where It Ends
American Water on Bandcamp


2. The Bynars – “Can You Hear It?”
New single released last week, from their recently released self-titled album
Playing 6/23 at TT’s (BBC is co-presenting this show)
The Bynars on Bandcamp


3. Civil Warblers – “Teardrops In My Whiskey”
From the album Songbirds of Northern Aggression
Civil Warblers on Bandcamp


4. The Clippers – “Quiet Confidence”
From the five-song demo An Evening with the Clippers
Playing 6/27 at O’Brien’s
The Clippers on Bandcamp // The Clippers on Muxtape


5. Devil On Horseback – “Way of the Dragon”
From their forthcoming album
Playing 6/28 at TT’s
Devil On Horseback on Facebook


6. Drummers – “Planes II”
From their self-titled debut album, available now
Band features Jeremy from Pretty & Nice
Playing 6/9 at Great Scott
Drummers’ website


7. The Fatal Flaw – “Narrow Hours”
From the album Narrow Hours
The Fatal Flaw’s website // The Fatal Flaw on Bandcamp


8. Get Help – “Little Symbols”
From their new album The Good Green Earth on Midriff Records
Band features Tony Skalicky also of The Beatings
Get Help on Bandcamp


9. The Grinds – “Whatcha Lookin’ At?”
From the Whatcha Lookin’ At EP
The Grinds on Reverbnation


10. Kingsley Flood – “I Don’t Wanna Go Home”
New digital single, chosen as NPR’s Song of the Day on 5/16
Kingsley Flood’s website


11. Lagoon – “This Life Owes You Nothing”
From the recently released Gemini
Playing 6/30 at the Middle East
Lagoon’s website


12. Medals – “Lonestar”
From the recently released Dancing In Ceremony
Playing 6/5 at the Middle East up
Medals’ website


13. Monophonic – “Make the Mirror Happy”
From their debut album High on Pills and Good Times, available now
Monophonic on Bandcamp


14. Nowhere Lights – “Don’t Bother”
From the Don’t Bother single
Nowhere Lights on Bandcamp


15. Sleepy Very Sleepy – “Another World”
From their new album Unlimited Circulation
Playing 6/3 at Starlab
Sleepy Very Sleepy’s website


16. The Susan Constant – “Ploughshare Vs. Earth”
From the album Rayonnement
Playing 6/18 at O’Brien’s
The Susan Constant on Bandcamp


17. Space Balloons – “The Tale of the Space Balloons”
From the new TV series “Worried All The Time,” new songs coming soon
Space Balloons’ website


18. Wide Iris – “Heartache”
From their forthcoming album
Wide Iris on Reverbnation


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BBC Sampler 08

May 2011











1. The Acre – “Radio”
From their soon-to-be-released Cerca Trova
CD release show this Friday 4/29 at TT’s
The Acre’s website


2. Age Rings – “Birthday Song”
From their forthcoming double album Black Honey
CD release show 5/21 at the Middle East down
Age Rings’ website


3. Andrea Gillis Band – “Freak”
From their new album Hey Gillis
CD release shows this Friday 4/29 and Saturday 4/30 at the Lizard Lounge
Andrea Gillis’ website


4. Andy Santospago – “Text and Drive”
From his forthcoming release Shiny Bombs
CD release show 5/6 at the Lizard Lounge
Andy Santospago’s website


5. Antiques – “Everybody! Do the Twist!”
New single just released; new album due in coming months
Antiques on Bandcamp


6. Boston Typewriter Orchestra – “Entropy Begins at the Office”
Recently released single recorded at ZUMIX


9. Garvy J. – “War Is Over… Again”
From the recent single of the same name, available on
Garvy J.’s website


10. Gilded Splinters – “Cut And Run”
From their album of the same name
Gilded Splinters on Facebook


11. Hot Molasses – “Too Many Volts”
From their recent EP Frankly
Hot Molasses on Bandcamp


12. Lion Cub – “Flora/Fauna”
From their forthcoming release American Buffalo, due in June
Lion Cub’s website


13. Louder My Dear – “EoF”
From the upcoming release What’s the Matter With You, Rock?, due June 10
Louder My Dear on Reverbnation


14. Mystery Roar – “Overboard”
New single just released. New video for this song also just released – view here.
Single release show at Great Scott on 5/7.
Mystery Roar on Bandcamp


15. Pleasant Sweaters – “No Tomorrow’s Parties”
From their Songs from Songs EP
Pleasant Sweaters on Bandcamp


16. The Rationales – “Braedon”
From their forthcoming release The Distance In Between
CD release show 5/14 at The Lizard Lounge
The Rationales’ website


17. Secret Satellites – “Inseparable”
From their forthcoming self-titled EP due 5/8
Secret Satellites’ website


18. The Stairs – “This Town Let Me Down”
Former band of Ryan Walsh (Hallelujah the Hills)
Both full-length albums just made available digitally on The Stairs’ Bandcamp


19. Thick Shakes – “Banned from the Laundromat”
From their recent Why Buy the Cow 7″
Thick Shakes on Bandcamp


20. Young Adults – “Let Us Out”
From their recent release Black Hole
Young Adults on Bandcamp


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BBC Sampler 07: Rumble Fever!

April 2011









1. A Wish For Fire – “Between the Lines”
From Sight Unseen
A Wish For Fire on Bandcamp


2. The Acro-brats – “Hair Trigger”
From Hair Trigger
The Acro-brats on Reverbnation


3. The Autumn Hollow Band – “Thinking”
From Love Letters & Ransom Notes
The Autumn Hollow Band on Bandcamp


4. Black Thai – “Satan’s Toolshed”
From Blood From On High
Black Thai on Bandcamp


5. The Blizzard of ’78 – “Nothing Or No One”
From Nothing Or No One EP
The Blizzard of ’78 on Bandcamp


6. Cradle to the Grave – “Before the Dawn”
From their self-titled full-length
Cradle to the Grave on Bandcamp


7. Cult 45 – “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”
From their self-titled EP
Cult 45 on Bandcamp


8. Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling – “Episode 9 – A. B. and C.”
From The New Number 2
DNFMOMD on Bandcamp


9. Full Body Anchor – “1 in 150″
From The Restless EP
Full Body Anchor on Bandcamp


10. Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents – “Love In Ruins”
From Keeping Time
Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents on Bandcamp


11. John Powhida International Airport – “Dirty Birdy and the Funny Bunny”
From Cut Way Down
J. Po on Bandcamp


12. Keep Me Conscious – “Thicker Than Blood”
From Sounds of Rescue
Keep Me Conscious on Bandcamp


13. McAlister Drive – “Hands In Your Pockets”
From Missing Figures
McAlister Drive on Bandcamp


14. Mellow Bravo – “Freshman Prom Queen”
From Strut
Mellow Bravo on Facebook


15. OldJack – “Face Like Mine”
From Gone Before You Know
OldJack on Bandcamp


16. Sidewalk Driver – “Kidnapped” (demo)
Exclusive unreleased track
Sidewalk Driver on Bandcamp


17. Spirit Kid – “Wrong Kind of Money”
From Honestly/Wrong Kind of Money single
Spirit Kid on Bandcamp


18. Static of the Gods – “Lake Effect”
Exclusive unreleased track from their forthcoming EP
Static of the Gods on Bandcamp


19. Stereo Telescope – “Geography”
From Geography single
Stereo Telescope on Bandcamp


20. Tijuana Sweetheart – “Sunday”
From Sunday single
Tijuana Sweetheart on Bandcamp


21. Tired Old Bones – “Stripper Retirement Poll”
From Country Circus/Do Not Disturb 7″
Tired Old Bones on Bandcamp


22. Triple Thick – “Screwdriver”
From their self-titled full-length
Triple Thick on Bandcamp


23. Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys – “Cataclysm”
From SteamShip Killers
Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys on Bandcamp


24. The Year Million – “Something Like A War”
From their self-titled full-length
The Year Million on Bandcamp


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BBC Sampler 06

March 2011











1. Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion – “Goatman’s Bridge”
From The Legend of Goatman’s Bridge, released this month
Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion on Bandcamp


2. Big East – “Goes Without Sayin’” (**EXCLUSIVE**)
From Camel Blues EP to be released tomorrow night (2/26) at Great Scott
Big East on Bandcamp


3. Bozmo – “Milksnakes”
From the forthcoming album Hosanna in the Highest due out in early spring
New band featuring members of Wonderful Spells, The Toothaches and Pretty & Nice
Bozmo on Bandcamp


4. BrownBoot – “Iron & Ledson”
From the forthcoming album Here’s the thing: to be released 4/1 at Middle East up
BrownBoot on Bandcamp


5. Cheap Leather – “Red Lipstick Limo Service”
From Built For Sex EP
Cheap Leather on Bandcamp


6. Eldridge Rodriguez – “Miss Me When I’m Gone” (featuring Sarah Borges)
From the forthcoming You Are Released due out next month
E.R. on Bandcamp


7. The Fagettes – “Catholic Riffraff and the Allston Amazon”
From The Fagettes, Vol 1 EP
The Fagettes on Bandcamp


8. Gentlemen Hall – “Gravity Will Break Our Bones”
From the album Give Us Roots, Give Us Wings due out this spring
Gentlemen Hall on Reverbnation


9. The Grownup Noise – “Carnival”
From This Time With Feeling to be released 3/26 at the Middle East down
The Grownup Noise on Bandcamp


10. Hip Tanaka – “Heyday”
From 2003′s Splinter / reunion show April 23 at Great Scott
All albums available for free download at Hip Tanaka’s Tumblr


11. The Lights Out – “Primetime”
From the album of the same name released last month
The Lights Out on Bandcamp


12. The Longwalls – “Where Things Go To Fade”
From Careers In Science releasing 3/1
The Longwalls on Bandcamp


13. Men of Seas – “Old Faithful”
From their self-titled EP released this month
Men of Seas on Bandcamp


14. The Nose Jobs – “Cutter”
Single released in December
The Nose Jobs on Bandcamp


15. OldJack – “Green”
From Gone Before You Know to be released tomorrow night (2/26) at the Rosebud
OldJack on Bandcamp


16. The Resurrectionists – “Cordelia”
From My Chainsaw Heart to be released March 5 at the Lizard Lounge
The Resurrectionists on Bandcamp


17. St. Helena – “California”
From Modern Tan released last month
St. Helena on Bandcamp


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BBC Sampler 05

February 2011











1. Adela & Jude – “Shallow Grave”
Duo formerly known as TheyWillHateUs
New album due out in coming months
Adela & Jude on Bandcamp


2. Box Five – “Thinking Out Loud”
From Leave The Earth Behind
Box Five on Bandcamp


3. Dan Baker – “365 Days”
From Sad Song Junkie
Dan Baker’s website


4. Dan Webb and the Spiders – “Just Relax”
From Oh Sure
Dan Webb and the Spiders on Facebook


5. The Future Everybody – “Picture of You”
From the forthcoming EP It Takes Nothing
The Future Everybody’s website


6. Guillermo Sexo – “Crossbow 1″
From Vivid Nights
Guillermo Sexo on Bandcamp


7. Hands and Knees – “Dancing On Your Tears”
From Wholesome
Hands and Knees on Bandcamp


8. Jenee Halstead – “Nick Drake”
From The River Grace
Jenee Halstead’s website


9. Magic Man – “Monster”
From Real Life Color
Magic Man on Bandcamp


10. Mean Creek – “Say You Care”
From new EP Hemophiliac
Mean Creek on Bandcamp


11. MMOSS – “Another Dream”
Recent non-album track
MMOSS on Bandcamp


12. Motherboar – “II. Amphibious”
From new album The Beast Becomes the Servant
Motherboar’s website


13. The Needy Visions – “Weymouth”
From their not titled LP
The Needy Visions on Bandcamp


14. Night Fruit – “Float”
Previously unreleased
Night Fruit on Bandcamp


15. RIBS – “Cosmos”
From The Locrian Singles (releasing today)
RIBS’ website


16. Rocket Rocket – “Mile Away”
From their self-titled EP
Rocket Rocket on Bandcamp


17. Streight Angular – “Everyone Is Syncopated”
New single released this week
Streight Angular on Bandcamp


18. Trabants – “St. Petersburg Shake”
From their upcoming debut Highwire Surfing
Trabants’ website


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BBC Sampler 04

January 2011











1. Bodega Girls – “We Are Losers”
Full-length due in 2011
Bodega Girls’ website


2. Boy Without God – “City Kids”
Full-length studio record due in 2011
Boy Without God’s website


3. Brendan Boogie with Sarah RabDAU – “First Saturday”
From Song from the Armory Volume 1
Available for download January 1 here


4. CUFFS – “You Can Come True (demo)”
From their 4-track demos
New project from members of Pants Yell!
CUFFS on Bandcamp


5. David Wax Museum – “Born with a Broken Heart”
From Everything Is Saved, due out February 3
David Wax Museum’s website


6. DOOMSTAR! – “Seagull”
Previously unreleased track
Band is writing/recording material for a new record
DOOMSTAR! on Bandcamp


7. Dreamtigers – “Marchers”
From Fools EP
Dreamtigers on Bandcamp


8. Endless Wave – “Triangular”
From the City Walls EP
New EP due out in spring ’11
Endless Wave’s website


9. The Hush Now – “The Other Ones”
From Shiver Me Starships
The Hush Now’s website


10. Jaggery – “Sea of Sideways”
From Upon A Penumbra
New video just released for this song; watch here
Jaggery’s website


11. Lady Lamb the Beekeeper – “Between Two Trees”
From Mammoth Swoon
Lady Lamb the Beekeeper’s website


12. Lavinia – “A Damning Confession”
From There Is Light Between Us
Band features members of Caspian, Eksi Ekso, and more
Lavinia on MySpace


13. Plumerai – “Strike”
From their forthcoming album A Guilty Prize
Currently offering all their songs from 2005-2010 for $5 on their Bandcamp


14. Polly Pockets – “I Don’t Want To”
Solo project from Sarah Cronin of Drug Rug
Polly Pockets on Bandcamp


15. Preacher Roe – “Ballad of Jim Lonborg”
From Blood Root Remedy
Preacher Roe on Bandcamp


16. Radio Control – “Riding Bikes”
From Hot Audio, due in January
Radio Control on Bandcamp


17. Sodafrog – “Like Dancing”
From Hang the Moon
Sodafrog on Bandcamp


18. Watts – “Dancehall Days & Nights”
From On the Dial
Watts on MySpace


19. The Year Million – “The Weight”
From The Year Million
The Year Million’s website


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BBC Sampler 03

December 2010











1. Bell & the Bees – “Read Me”
From their debut album Meadowtapes
Bell & the Bees on Bandcamp


2. Black Helicopter – “None Taken”
From their recent Ecstatic Peace release Don’t Fuck with the Apocalypse
Black Helicopter on MySpace


3. Camden – “Penelope”
From the Vale EP
Full EP available for free download on Camden’s Bandcamp


4. Eksi Ekso – “Kills of the Flood Tide”
Limited edition vinyl 7″ single released on The Mylene Sheath this week
New album Brown Shark, Red Lion due in February
Eksi Ekso’s website


5. Greg Lyon – “What Have We Come To”
From his debut release Nowhere Near Poughkeepsie on Midriff Records
Track features guest vocals by Sarah Borges // record release show 12/4 at PA’s
Greg Lyon’s website


6. Herra Terra – “Symbiotic Spires”
From their recent The Mylene Sheath release Quiet Geist
Nominated for Best Hardcore/Metal Band in this year’s Boston Music Awards (despite them being an electronic act)
Herra Terra’s website


7. Hey Now, Morris Fader – “Nice Guy”
From their Asleep At the Wheel EP
Playing Ralph’s Diner (Worcester) on 12/3 for Preacher Roe’s CD release
Hey Now, Morris Fader’s website


8. Kuuluuko – “Couldn’t Tell She Was a Killer”
From their Sweet Pea EP
Kuuluuko on Bandcamp


9. Matt J (from The Bynars) – “Can’t You Get Over Me”
From Demoshrapnel, a collection of unused demos
More info & link to download the rest of the collection
The Bynars’ website


10. Mean Creek – “The Comedian”
From the 7″ of the same name
Nominated for Song of the Year and Album of the Year in this year’s Boston Music Awards
New album due out in spring will include both tracks from the 7″
Mean Creek’s blog


11. Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library – “Holy Ghost”
From WZBC on-air performance
MJEML on Facebook


12. Mitten – “Cavalcade”
Half Boston/half Brooklyn duo
Debut album due out next year // first Boston show Jan. 7 at PA’s
Mitten’s website (including two more free downloads)


13. Naked On Roller Skates – “Broken Rainbows”
Recorded at CDIA
Debut EP due early next year
NORS on Reverbnation


14. OTP – “Know I Am Not A Vampire”
From The Folly of Time Travel
OTP on MySpace


15. Pelvis McGillicuddy – “The Nice Guy In the Room”
Recorded live at the Lizard Lounge Main Event
Pelvis McGillicuddy on Facebook


16. Ryan Schmidt – “Night the Bells Rang”
From his recently released debut Black Sheep, Run
Track features guest vocals by Juliana Hatfield
Ryan Schmidt on Facebook


17. Stereo Telescope – “Draw Me A Sky”
Brand new track released this week
Nominated for Best Electronic Act in this year’s Boston Music Awards
Stereo Telescope on Facebook


18. Tristan Allen & Amanda Palmer – “János vs Wonderland”
Project came out of a chance meeting on the street // the pair will play Dec. 12 at Berklee
Palmer is nominated for Artist of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year in this year’s Boston Music Awards
Amanda Palmer’s website


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BBC Sampler 02

November 2010











01. Aloud – “Darkest Days”
From their recently released third album Exile
Aloud are currently touring the US – check their site for dates
Aloud’s website


02. Blackbutton – “Stare Me Down”
From Gun Shot Lover
Playing 11/4 at Church
Blackbutton on MySpace


03. Bow Thayer & Perfect Trainwreck – “Dawning”
From their brand new album Bottom of the Sky
Playing 10/31 at Atwood’s
Bow Thayer’s website


04. Butterknife – “Restless”
From the upcoming Do the Needful EP
Butterknife’s website


05. The Cinnamon Fuzz – “Mixed Up Obsession”
From their recent EP
The Cinnamon Fuzz’s website


06. The Daily Pravda – “Evelyn” (single version)
New single just released. The band is currently working on a new album.
The Daily Pravda’s website


07. Full Body Anchor – “Drown Control”
From the recently released The Blackout EP
Playing at O’Brien’s 11/20
Full Body Anchor on Bandcamp (more songs available for free download)


08. Gem Club – “Animals”
From Acid and Everything, released earlier this year. Gem Club are currently working on a new album.
Playing 12/4 at TT’s (afternoon show)
Gem Club’s website


09. Jordan Valentine & the Sunday Saints – “Mean Old Man”
From the recently released Van Van & Cleo May
Playing 10/30 at Lizard Lounge & first Wednesday of every month at Milky Way
Jordan Valentine & the Sunday Saints’ website


10. Marc Pinansky – “Hear the Heathen”
From the recent EP Auburn Days
Playing 11/3 at the Paradise
Marc Pinansky on MySpace


11. Mount Peru – “Summer Jinx”
From the upcoming release My Sweetheart the Destroyer. Digital pre-release available on their Bandcamp
Mount Peru’s website


12. Muck and the Mires – “Saturday Let Me Down Again”
From Q Division’s Rock and Soul Series 7″
Playing London’s Dirty Water Festival on 11/20
Muck and the Mires’ website


13. Nick Murphy – “The Monster Mash” (previously unreleased)
The Acre frontman covers the Bobby “Boris” Pickett classic


14. Parlour Bells – “Pet Names”
From the upcoming Heart Beatings EP now available for pre-order and digital download on their Bandcamp
EP release 11/12 at The Rosebud
Parlour Bells’ website


15. Roman Traffic – “Thirst”
From the upcoming Reactions EP
Playing 11/19 at Church
Roman Traffic on MySpace


16. The Russians – “Sober and Un-Upsetting”
From their album Crashing the Party
The Russians’ website


17. School For Robots – “Call Me Mr. Spock”
From their recent album Planet Universe (available for free download on their Bandcamp)
School for Robots on MySpace


18. Summer Villains – “Halloweeniliciuos”
From the new album of the same name (available on their Bandcamp)
Playing 10/31 at Rosebud
Summer Villains’ website


19. Tiger Saw – “Night, Pt. 1 (Trembling Hearts)”
From the new album Nightingales
See the video for “Night, Pt. 2 (Helena’s Song)” on their blog
Tiger Saw on Bandcamp


20. To The Wedding – “Let Love In”
From the forthcoming self-titled EP, to be released 11/14
Playing tomorrow night (10/26) at O’Brien’s
To The Wedding on MySpace


21. Totem – “Grateful”
From the recent self-titled EP
Playing 10/30 at Precinct
Totem’s website


22. Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys – “Heroin Pig”
From the album SteamShipKillers
Playing 10/29 at Gulu Gulu in Salem
Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys’ website


23. You Can Be A Wesley – “Talking Science”
From their recently released single
Playing 11/14 at the Paradise (as part of Eat Your Heart Out Boston)
You Can Be A Wesley on MySpace


**And while you’re waiting for the next sampler, remember: We offer free downloads on a daily basis in our C.D. On Songs column!**



BBC Sampler 01

October 2010











01. The Acre – “Lambs”
From The Red Wool. Email theacremusic@gmail.com to purchase The Red Wool for $5; CD comes with a hand-written note from the band.
New album due out late 2010/early 2011
The Acre on MySpace


02. The Autumn Hollow Band – “Focusing On Rent”
From the forthcoming CD Love Letters and Ransom Notes
CD release show October 23rd at Rosebud
The Autumn Hollow Band official site


03. Banditas – “Virginia”
From the EP Get Behind Us (available for free via their Bandcamp)

04. Bearstronaut – “Shannon”
From their forthcoming EP
Bearstronaut on MySpace


05. Bunny’s A Swine – “This Place is a Meat Market, But I’m a Social Vegan”
From Literal Breakfast, releasing next month
Listen to and pre-order Literal Breakfast from their Bandcamp
Bunny’s A Swine blog


06. The Dirty Dishes – “Stolen Apples”
From the EP In the Clouds
Listen to and purchase the full EP from their Bandcamp
The Dirty Dishes blog


07. Felix and Volcano! – “Boku-Maru”
From the EP Grow Rich available from their Bandcamp
Felix and Volcano! on MySpace


08. Gozu – “Mr. Riddle”
From the new album Locust Season. Courtesy of Small Stone Records.
Purchase via the Small Stone website
Gozu on ReverbNation


09. The Honors – “Call Me from California”
From the new album xoxo available from iTunes
The Honors on MySpace


10. i have ears – “Go Out”
From the Osom Demo available for free download from their Bandcamp
i have ears on MySpace


11. Left Hand Does – “I Like Your Shoes”
From Lusica available from their Bandcamp
Left Hand Does official site


12. Mellow Bravo – “Ridin’”
*Previously unreleased
Recorded by John Taft at New Alliance Studios. Mastered by Nick Z and Rob Gonella.
Mellow Bravo official website


13. Muy Cansado – “Sharpshooter”
From the new EP Love and Fear available from Goodnight Records
Muy Cansado official website


14. One Happy Island – “Cave City Sunrise”
From their self-titled debut available from Amazon


15. Oranjuly – “If I Could Break Your Heart”
From their self-titled debut available from their Bandcamp
Oranjuly official website


16. The Organ Beats – “Happy Birthday/Come on Home”
From their self-titled debut now available for free through their Bandcamp
The Organ Beats on MySpace


17. Spirit Kid – “Honestly”
From new single available from their Bandcamp
Spirit Kid official website


18. St. Claire – “He Is A Ghost”
From their debut Everyone Lives Here. Email st.clairemusic@gmail.com to purchase.
St. Claire on MySpace


19. Streight Angular – “Alright (I Don’t Know You, You Don’t Know Me”)
From the Alright EP available from their Bandcamp
Streight Angular on MySpace


20. This Blue Heaven – “Slow Dance Slow”
From their new EP Spinning and Shining available from their Bandcamp
This Blue Heaven official website


21. Viva Viva – “Hailing a Cab In Hell”
*Previously unreleased
Self-titled debut available from their Bandcamp. New album due this fall.
Viva Viva on MySpace


**And while you’re waiting for the next sampler, remember: We offer free downloads on a daily basis in our C.D. On Songs column!**


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