If you’ve got music or an event you’d like us to consider covering, email us This is the only email you should use when contacting us; it forwards to all site admins, decreasing the odds of your email falling through the cracks. Please do not use our personal email addresses, send us a Facebook message, post your request in the comments section of an unrelated Crush, or tweet @ us; these methods will usually result in your request being missed or overlooked. Exception: If you are submitting specifically for our C.D. On Songs column, follow the submission guidelines as outlined in that column (see #2 below).


The following tips will help you get coverage on BBC.


If your band or the band you’re representing is from outside Boston, this is not the blog for you. We are only focused on the bands currently living and playing in this city and nearby parts of New England; occasionally we may cover bands that started in Boston but have since relocated elsewhere, if they continue to have strong Boston ties. Also, sorry Aerosmith, but we stick to local bands that are actively playing in the area at rock clubs like Radio, Great Scott, TT the Bear’s Place, etc. If your band is flying in to play Gillette Stadium or the Garden, you’re probably a little too big for our britches. You’re also probably not reading this.


Our purpose is to inform, not to criticize. Our content is largely focused on telling readers about upcoming Boston music happenings. The only area where we “review” is in our daily C.D. On Songs column. If you’re a band looking for a way onto our blog, we encourage you to submit a song for this. Click the link above and scroll down for submissions instructions.


When emailing us, list the relative information clearly and keep it short and sweet. Use the subject line wisely – when we’re scanning our inboxes to plan coverage for the upcoming week, we’ll notice subject lines that clearly tell us what’s inside (ex: “8/12: The Hot Fizz / Lemonbelly at O’Brien’s”). We may never click on something vague and undated (ex: “Check out my band! Killer show”). Tell us a little about you, list your upcoming local show(s), provide links to your various web presences, attach a show poster or band photo that we can include in a post, and whenever possible, include a link to download your music. Also include any relevant links (Bandcamp, Facebook event pages, etc.).


We aren’t likely to write about a band if we haven’t even heard them. Send us some music. If you don’t have your music hosted on your own site, use Bandcamp, SoundCloud, or another free service where we can download it.  Do you have an EPK? Send us that if you’d like, you can get a free one through Sonicbids if you want. We’re cuckoo about Dropbox – it’s a handy way to host your files FTP-style, but a lot more user-friendly and slick.
Also let us know if it is ok to post your song for download. We feel that people are more likely to come see your show if they’ve heard your music, so even if you don’t want to allow a free download, send us a link to your BandCamp, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, or other service that enables embedding so that we can embed a player in our post. We never post downloads without a band’s permission, so your songs are safe with us.

Download links vs. streaming links: We strongly prefer downloadable music. If you send a download link, we immediately download your music and add it to our iTunes even if we can’t listen right away. Plus, once it’s in our iTunes we will hear it many times, whereas if we have to stream it we might do it once at best, and never visit the link again. When we get a streaming link, it’s a crapshoot whether we’ll find time and be in a place where we can listen to it before your email is buried and forgotten. If we don’t know your music, we probably won’t consider you for our monthly sampler or other undertakings.

If you want to give us a copy of your CD, feel free to do so, but we prefer receiving digital music submissions. We perpetually have stacks upon stacks of CDs at home waiting to be ripped to iTunes. If you’re dying to get us a physical copy of your music, you can mail it to:

Boston Band Crush
c/o: Richard Bouchard
238 Princeton St, apt 1
East Boston, MA 02128

If we only have information about your upcoming show, we can really only consider you for a Show Crush. Including other media will give us options and increase the odds of getting coverage. Have a new music video? Include the link and/or embed code and we can tell our readers about your show in a Video Crush. New music? Include it for consideration for C.D. On Songs. Again, if we have options we can be more creative with the way we tell people about whatever it is you’ve got going on.


We all have day jobs, so if we get a submission about a show happening in two days we probably won’t be able to get something posted in time. Give us at least a week’s notice. Alternately, don’t send us something about your show two months ahead of it – by the time it comes around, that email will probably be forever lost in the void.

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