The End.


In 2008 when I got together with a group of friends at Bloc 11 to start conceptualizing BBC, there was no such thing as a Facebook event; there were no blogs focused exclusively on local music; there wasn’t a comprehensive and human-curated source for information about local happenings. We made it our mission to fill this void and I think our efforts were valiant – and BBC grew into something much bigger than I think any of us ever imagined. But nowadays, the way I see it anyway, there are innumerable resources for finding out what’s going on in town – in fact you’re likely inundated by them – and our mission has become obsolete. We could have theoretically dug deep and re-thought our approach, and I did consider that, but it’s just not a feasible undertaking for me. Since 2005, in different capacities and through different outlets, I’ve been knee-deep in Boston music. It’s been all-consuming and I’ve loved it, lived for it even. But for the better part of the past year, my involvement has waned as many other parts of my life – my career, Girls Rock Camp, my band, heck, my sanity – have become my focus. A couple of years ago, I had plenty of downtime at my day job to write and edit and manage this beast – which is itself almost a full-time job, one that never earned any of us a penny (not that we expected it to, but it’s hard to justify pouring so much effort into something that doesn’t help sustain your livelihood while you struggle to make ends meet). I could go out to shows every night of the week and somehow manage to survive on much less sleep. We had an army of contributors who posted several times a week and helped us keep up with everything that was going on around town. But at this point, many of us who once put a lot of time into producing content and going to shows for BBC’s sake have, literally or metaphorically, moved to the suburbs. The thing about running an active, content-rich music blog is that it has to be your life. For several years it was mine; in my hiatus it has been Rich’s; but neither of us can make that commitment anymore, and it’s come time to put BBC to bed.


We feel confident that we’re not leaving you empty-handed here. You’ve got Michael Marotta and his crew over at the Phoenix taking very good care of your music needs every day. You’ve got Facebook placing every single band you know right at your fingertips. You’ve got Allston Pudding and the Boston Counter Cultural Compass and Ryan’s Smashing Life and many other new media outlets to read for curated recommendations; Amy Prohaska and Kevin Hoskins with comprehensive show listings delivered to your inbox; a bevy of radio shows devoted to local music; and even the traditional print media keeping up with it more than ever. Our own C.D. DiGuardia will keep doing his C.D. On Songs thing over at his new home. You can find all of his archived content there and continue to submit to him for review. Hey C.D., I told them to submit to you *snicker*.


Our Google Groups email address will no longer be monitored, but you can still reach me and Rich individually at least for a while if you want to get in touch. We’ll keep the site up as long as it makes sense to, considering the costs of hosting and whatnot. Our Facebook page will also live on, and I’m sure I’ll post occasionally when there’s something big to share. And to be honest, I haven’t visited Twitter in months (years?), so if you follow us there, well, we’ll always have the memories.


While I continue to settle into my retirement (from blogging, but certainly not from fandom – I’m sure I’ll still see you out and about from time to time), Rich will be moving on to endeavors of his own making which he’ll unveil in the months to come. When I recruited him a few years ago to do a quick Amanda Palmer interview that nobody else was available to do, I don’t think either of us foresaw the level of involvement that he come to take on, but he quickly became an essential part of our team and one of my very best compadres. I’m certain that he’ll live long and prosper in whatever lies ahead for him and I wish him well.


And now, feelings! I’d like to personally thank the people who’ve been along for this ride in one way or another over our lifetime. Richard, obviously, you’ve been the best co-publisher, sidekick, unicorn-tattooed hat-topped onetime roomie a girl could ask for. Kerri-Ann, I am better for knowing you and I don’t tell you enough how much I love you. C.D., you and I go back further than anyone else here and it’s been a wild ride, and one I hope is long from over in whatever way we might work together again. Mike and Sophia, you were there at the start (and Jeremy and Emily too, wherever they may be) and I owe gratitude and honors to you for your hard work and devotion as BBC grew and found its voice. Nate (FIVE), MacK, Nicky, Justin, Andrew, Henry, Dave, Brendan, Amy, and everyone who ever contributed in one way or another, thank you for being a part of this family and this legacy.


And you, our readers, whether friends or strangers, it was you who inspired us to put in the time, to be the best we could be, and to survive even the biggest challenges (remember when we lost our dotcom, anyone?) for as long as we could do it. A million unicorn kisses to you.


Oh my gosh. It’s just music blogging.




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